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Welcome to Central Tax Service

Central Tax Service handles income tax matters for individuals, couples, families, estates, trusts, and small business owners or professionals. Don't pay more tax than required by law!


We offer the following products and services

clipboard Individual Income Tax Preparation
Price is $100 and up.

clipboard Business Return Preparation
Price is $100 and up for schedule C Businesses.
Price is $360 for Corporations and Partnerships.

clipboard Estate and Trust Return Preparation
Price is $360.

clipboard Representation
Our staff are IRS Enrolled Agents and are qualified to represent you or your company at an IRS audit or Minnesota Revenue audit.
$360 minimum fee, but initial consultation is free.

clipboard Real Estate advice
Randy is a licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of Minnesota and can provide advice concerning the real estate market or your rental property or tax advice relating to your current or future real estate.

clipboard Health, Life, and Long Term Care Insurance Planning
We can provide advice on annuities, health and life and long term care insurance. We do not currently sell any of these products, but by being licensed, we can provide unbiased advice.